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The ARDMS Abdomen Specialty Examination is a comprehensive and wide-ranging examination for men and women who wish to enter the field of health care. Those who take it must also pass the Sonography Principles and Instrumentation examination in order to obtain the Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer credential.

ARDMS Test Study Guide with Practice Questions

Developed by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography, the exam is three hours long and consists of 170 multiple-choice questions. Its content is broken down into 14 categories:

  1. liver (16 to 24 percent of the exam);
  2. gallbladder and biliary tree (10 to 18 percent);
  3. pancreas (6 to 14 percent);
  4. kidneys and urinary tract (16 to 24 percent);
  5. scrotum (3 to 7 percent);
  6. prostate (1 to 2 percent);
  7. spleen (1 to 5 percent);
  8. retroperitoneum (3 to 7 percent);
  9. abdominal vascular (7 to 15 percent);
  10. gastrointestinal tract (1 to 5 percent);
  11. neck (1 to 3 percent);
  12. abdominal wall, superficial and muscular structures (1 to 5 percent);
  13. instrumentation (1 to 2 percent); and
  14. invasive procedures (1 to 2 percent).

The ARDMS exam questions are presented in a multiple-choice format, with four potential answers for each question. Some answer choices may be partially correct; it is the test taker's job to select the best answer.

The ARDMS Abdomen Specialty examination is administered via computer in testing centers around the country.

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