DANB (RHS) Practice Exam Questions

The DANB (RHS) exam is a comprehensive and challenging assessment for men and women looking to enter this rewarding field of dental care. Those who pass this exam are qualified to work in radiation health and safety. There are no prerequisites for this particular exam, which is one of the three components of the Certified Dental Assistant exam.

The DANB (RHS) exam was developed by the Dental Assisting National Board in consultation with an expert team of exam administrators. It consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and requires one-and-a-quarter hours to complete. Topics covered include: exposure and evaluation, intraoral and extraoral (37 percent of the exam); processes (16 percent); mounting and labeling (11 percent); radiation safety for patients (24 percent); and radiation safety for operators (12 percent).

The exam may be taken via computer or on paper. Exam scores are placed on a scale of 100 to 900, with a minimum passing score of 400. There is no precise number of correct answers required to earn a passing score because versions of the DANB (RHS) exam vary in difficulty. A performance rating of low average, average, or high average is provided for each subtest and can be used to improve scores in the future. Exam results are not released to anyone besides the candidate.

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