Adult Nurse Practitioner Practice Exam Questions

The Adult Nurse Practitioner Exam is a comprehensive and challenging examination for men and women who want to enter this rewarding field of health care. The exam is administered by computer in testing centers around the country. A nurse is eligible to take the test if he or she holds a valid, active RN license or has completed a post-graduate adult nurse practitioner program with advanced coursework in health assessment, pharmacology, and pathophysiology.

The Adult Nurse Practitioner exam includes questions (multiple-choice, four possible answers) from five domains of practice:

  1. The professional role domain (21 questions, 14 percent) encompasses the scope and standards of practice, safe practice, and healthcare ethics.
  2. The section on healthcare policy and delivery addresses regulatory guidelines, legal issues, and documentation (16 questions, 10.67 percent).
  3. The health assessment domain of the Adult Nurse Practitioner Exam (34 questions, 22.67 percent) covers clinical assessment and advanced diagnostic reasoning.
  4. And the fifth section, clinical management domain (45 questions, 30 percent), addresses evidence-based practice; advanced clinical decision-making and the formulation of a plan of care; the coordination of care; and health promotion, health maintenance, and disease prevention.

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