March 10, 2015

Advanced Diabetes Management Practice Exam Questions

The Advanced Diabetes Management exam, developed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, is a comprehensive and challenging certification exam for men and women seeking entry to this exciting and rewarding field of health care. In order to be eligible for the exam, one must have an advanced degree as a clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, registered dietitian, or registered pharmacist.

The exam is administered by computer in testing locations around the country. The Advanced Diabetes Management exam is divided into five content domains: clinical practice, collaboration, public and community health, research, and leadership and professional practice:

    1. In the clinical practice domain, the exam addresses assessment and data collection, diagnosis and problem identification, and planning and intervention.
    2. The collaboration domain encompasses clinical coordination, case management, and the role of the consultant.
    3. The public and community health domain covers public health trends and epidemiology, national health initiatives, and prevention strategies and programs
    4. The topic of research includes questions regarding the identification of research problems; research design and methodology; study coordination; and the translation, dissemination, and utilization of research findings.

The leadership and professional practice domain of the Advanced Diabetes Management exam covers organizational and management issues; continuous quality improvement; legal and ethical issues; scope and standards of practice; professional development; and regulatory, accreditation, recognition, and reimbursement programs and standards for institutions and providers.

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