March 9, 2015


The North American Veterinary Licensing Exam (NAVLE exam) is a comprehensive and challenging assessment for men and women who wish to enter this rewarding and fast-growing field of animal health care. The test was developed by the National Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners in consultation with a team of expert exam administrators.

The test consists of 360 multiple-choice questions and is administered twice a year by computer. Sixty of the questions are pretest questions, which are used to develop future versions of the exam. These questions, impossible to identify, do not contribute to the final score.

The NAVLE can be broken down into three activities: data gathering and interpretation (140 questions, 47 percent of the exam); health maintenance and problem management (140 items, 47 percent); and professional behavior, communication, and practice management (20 items, 7 percent). The data gathering and interpretation domain requires knowledge on how to obtain a history, perform a physical examination, and evaluate the environment (56 items, 19 percent); develop a problem list and a differential diagnosis list (42 items, 14 percent); and establish an accurate working or final diagnosis or conclusion (42 items, 14 percent). The section on health maintenance and problem management tests knowledge of how to identify and evaluate prevention, treatment, and management options (56 items, 19 percent of the exam); how to implement a plan of action (42 items, 14 percent); and how to assess outcomes (42 items, 14 percent).

Another way to break down the content of the NAVLE is by animal species: canine (72 items, 24 percent of the exam); feline (72 items, 24 percent); pet birds (9 items, 3 percent); other small animals (6 items, 2 percent); bovine (51 items, 17 percent); porcine (12 items, 4 percent); ovine/caprine/cervidae (9 items, 3 percent); equine (51 items, 17 percent); and poultry (6 items, 2 percent). There are also nine questions related to public health and food security (3 percent of the exam) and three non-species specific questions (1 percent).

Exam scores are sent directly to the licensing authority, which in turn reports them to candidates. Test takers who fail the NAVLE exam will receive a detailed report indicating the areas in which they need improvement.

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