March 10, 2015


The NBCOT Exam (COTA), developed by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, is a challenging and comprehensive assessment for men and women hoping to enter the rewarding field of occupational therapy. Those who pass this exam are recognized as Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants.

The content of the NBCOT Exam (COTA) is divided into three domains representing the most important tasks in occupational therapy: gathering information and formulating conclusions regarding the client’s needs and priorities to develop a client-centered intervention plan (33 percent of the exam); selecting and implementing evidence-based interventions to support participation in areas of occupation throughout the continuum of care (47 percent); and upholding professional standards and responsibilities to promote quality in practice (20 percent).

The NBCOT Exam (COTA) consists of 200 multiple-choice questions with four possible answers for each. Some of the answer choices will be partially correct, and it is the job of the candidate to select the best answer.

Scoring the exam usually takes about four weeks. Raw scores (the number of questions answered correctly) are placed on a scale of 300 to 600 according to a formula that accounts for the relative difficulty of the test version. The minimum passing score on the NBCOT exam (COTA) is 450.

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