March 9, 2015


The NYSTCE – New York State Teacher Certification Examinations – test series is a battery of assessments for men and women looking to teach and work in schools in the state of New York. These exams are developed in accordance with the New York Education Law and Commissioner’s Regulations using the New York State Learning Standards and Curriculum as the basis for content. There are a few different types of NYSTCE test options.

The assessment of teaching assistant skills, appropriate for prospective teacher assistants, covers four subareas: reading, mathematics, writing, and instructional support.

Three exams address general teaching skills. One of these is the liberal arts and sciences test, which includes both multiple-choice and constructed-response questions.
The majority of the NYSTCE test series includes the content specialty tests, which measure knowledge in specific subject areas using a mixture of multiple-choice and constructed-response questions. These tests address subjects such as biology, foreign languages, and social studies.

In addition, there is a series of bilingual education assessments, which measure the ability of teachers to deliver instruction in English and a foreign language; the communication and quantitative skills test that measures linguistic and mathematical knowledge, particularly as it applies to pedagogy; and the NYSTCE test series includes leadership assessment tests for school-building leaders, school-district leaders, and school-district business leaders.

The tests are administered by computer at special testing centers. In most cases, scores are made available approximately one month after the completion of the exam. However, the results of the assessment of teaching assistant skills are available immediately after the exam’s completion.

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