March 9, 2015


The PCCN exam is a comprehensive and challenging assessment for nurses seeking qualification to work with moderately stable patients. In order to take the test, candidates must have a current registered nurse licensure in the United States and must have completed 1,750 hours of direct bedside care of acutely ill adult patients. At least 875 of those hours must have been completed during the year before application for the test.

Eighty percent of the PCCN exam relates to clinical judgment, while 20 percent evaluates professional caring and ethical practice. The clinical judgment section covers a number of body systems, including cardiovascular (37 percent of the exam), pulmonary (13 percent), endocrine (4 percent), hematology/immunology (5 percent), neurology (4 percent), gastrointestinal (5 percent), renal (6 percent), and multisystem (6 percent).

The professional caring and ethical practice domain addresses: advocacy/moral agency (2 percent), caring practices (4 percent), collaboration (4 percent), systems thinking (2 percent), response to diversity (2 percent), clinical inquiry (2 percent), and the facilitation of learning (4 percent).

The PCCN exam takes two-and-a-half hours to complete and consists of 125 multiple-choice questions. In most cases, the exam is administered on a computer, though a paper version is also available.

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