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The Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing Certification Board exam (WOCNCB exam) is a comprehensive and challenging assessment for men and women who want to enter this exciting field of health care. The test consists of three 90-minute sections comprised of 90 multiple-choice questions, 10 of which are pretest items that do not contribute to the final score. (It is impossible to identify the pretest questions, which are used to develop future versions of the exam.)

The WOCNCB exam is broken down into three content categories: wound care (80 items); ostomy care (80 items); and continence care (80 items). In the wound care category, questions cover general principles of assessment (18 items); general principles of management (23 items); pressure ulcers (11 items); lower-extremity ulcers (20 items); and other types of wounds (8 items).

In the ostomy care category, questions address general principles of assessment (12 items); general principles of management and patient teaching (23 items); fecal and urinary diversions, including colostomy, ileostomy, and urostomy (23 items); continent fecal and urinary diversions (10 items); and fistulas and percutaneous tubes and drains (12 items).

The section on continence care reviews general principles of assessment (38 items); differentiation and management of varying types of urinary incontinence (34 items); and types of bowel dysfunction (8 items).

WOCNCB Exam scores are available immediately upon completion of the exam.

WOCNCB Study Guide

Start learning how to be successful on your WOCNCB exam. Our WOCNCB study guide is guaranteed to help you get the results you deserve on your WOCNCB test. Some test takers prefer to study using flashcards and so we have created the best WOCNCB flashcards that cover everything you need to know for the WOCNCB exam. Note that using multiple study aids will help you maximize the benefit from your study time.

WOCNCB Study Guide
WOCNCB Flashcards

WOCNCB Practice Test

1. A healthcare professional is providing wound care to a patient that has MRSA and HIV. The professional should wear which of the following safety equipment?

A: Sterile gloves, mask, and goggles
B: Surgical cap, gloves, mask, and proper shoewear
C: Double gloves, gown, and mask
D: Goggles, mask, gloves, and gown

2. A healthcare professional assesses a 83 year-old female’s venous ulcer for the second time that is located near the right medial malleolus. The wound is exhibiting purulent drainage and the patient has limited mobility in her home. Which of the options is the best course of action?

A: Encourage warm water soaks to the right foot.
B: Notify the case manager of the purulent drainage.
C: Determine the patient’s pulse in the right ankle.
D: Recommend increased activity to reduce the purulent drainage.

3.A healthcare professional is assessing a patient’s right lower extremity. The extremity is warm to touch, red and swollen. The patient is also running a low fever. Which of the following conditions would be the most likely cause of the patient’s condition?

A: Herpes
B: Scleroderma
C: Dermatitis
D: Cellulitis

4. Medical records indicate a patient has developed a condition of respiratory alkalosis. Which of the following clinical signs would not apply to a condition of respiratory alkalosis?

A: Muscle tetany
B: Syncope
C: Numbness
D: Anxiety

5. Which of the following lab values would indicate symptomatic AIDS in the medical chart? (T4 cell count per deciliter)

A: Greater than 1000 cells per deciliter
B: Less than 500 cells per deciliter
C: Greater than 2000 cells per deciliter
D: Less than 200 cells per deciliter

WOCNCB Answers

1. (D) All protective measures must be worn, it is not required to double glove.

2. (C) A determination of arterial blood flow should be made, prior to encouraging increased activity, or notifying additional team members.

3. (D) Inflammation of cellular tissue associated with a fever most likely indicates cellulitis.

4. (D) Anxiety is a clinical sign associated with respiratory acidosis.

5. (D) <200 T4 cells/deciliter

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